Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Somehow I managed to neglect posting our exciting news on this here blog. I think it is because I was so dang behind on this thing and was working on getting caught up. Whatever the reason, it sure is a shame because we are SO SO SO excited to be adding another Maxwell to our family. Baby #3 was a big surprise to us, we were able to get pregnant on our own this little one is due to join us on 11-11-11. Since this baby was a surprise to us we aren't going to find out the sex so it will be another surprise. I am amazed at how quickly this pregnancy is flying by. I guess when you are chasing around two little ones, you don't have a whole lot of spare time to think about this little growing baby in your belly. Tate is so excited about having a baby in the family, and Kendyl, well that's another story. It will definitely be an adjustment for her.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am overwhelmed and am very behind on my blog. I have not been good about updating our day to day life, like I would like. I guess other things have taken priority. I love to blog, mainly because I want to have a record of the things that happen around our home. So I am going to recommit myself and do some catching up. I think I have pictures that go all the way back to Easter!? Pretty depressing that I have let this happen!

Here are a few posts.

Shopping at Costco with Daddy

Preschool Graduation 2011

Hudson,Tate,Isabella and Kendyl

Grandma Gwynne coming to visit

Father and Sons 2011