Monday, December 29, 2008

Playing in the snow

Playing in the snow

Christmas Morning

Christmas Eve Dinner

We had Christmas Eve dinner at my sister Amy's house the food was delicious we opened presents that we got each other. Tate and Mallory and a good time opening everyone's presents.

Christmas 08

Opening presents from Grandma Gwynne and Grandpa Ivan.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Train park with Papa and Mallory

Breakfast with Santa

Tate was so excited to go and see Santa he got right up on his lap and was not scared at all. I thought for sure he would not get on his lap. Good job Tate!

Bounce Jungle

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving 08

Thanksgiving 08


We had such a good time on Thanksgiving getting together with family. Shawn was on shift so he wasn't able to go. We stopped by the fire station Shawn took us on a ride in the fire truck. Tate was in heaven. We then headed to Suprise, Az where my cousin lives to have Thanksgiving dinner all the guys played golf that morning. The girls just hanged out and visited and watched the kids. The food was great thanks to everyone who brought something and for Amy and Scott for letting us come and have Thanksgiving at there house. We had fun.


Shawn had it all planned out for us to go to dinner on Wednesday. He had won a gift certificate to dinner off the radio. My sister watched Tate for us. He got home from work that night and we hopped in the car. He handed me what looked like a gift certificate. I looked at it and expected to see a name of a restaurant but all I saw was some adds and something that said ticket master on it, I was a little confused. He said what do you think? I said about what. He said the coldplay concert. That is when I figured it out what was in my hands. I was so excited!! We went out to west gate ate dinner and had a good time. I was bummed I forgot my camera. Thanks babe I had a blast!!

Get together

We had a get together over at the Opfel's it was 80's theme so everyone dressed up except me. It was funny to see how they dressed up. We also played a little of rock band.

Stella and Jude

I took some pictures for my friends little ones. Here are some of them.