Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Kendyl!

38 weeks
I just realized that in the midst and craziness of having a baby a year ago today I never actually documented Kendyl's birth story. So I decided that today, her "birth"day, would be a perfect time to document the story for her and for me. It might be a long one so read if you want, and enjoy! Her 1 year post with party and updates will come next week.

I was exactly 39 weeks and schedule for a c-section on February 20th 2009 we were schedule to have her 7:00 am and to be at the hospital at 4:00am. I was getting all prep for surgery my iv was the worst I remember because I was not able to drink or eat anything 12 hours prior to surgery so they had a hard time finding my vein it was the worst thing ever. I go in to the operating room to get my iperdural all by myself without Shawn that wasn't too bad I was a little nervous but ok. Then they let Shawn in to be by my side my eperdural was not the greatest when they started doing the surgery I could feel a lot of it so they gave me some more pain meds and I was a little out of it. I remember them holding Kendyl up over to show her to us she was the cutest thing ever even with a squished nose. Shawn pretty much stood and watched the whole surgery. Some reason I don't do well with eperdurals because the same thing kinda happend with TATE it wore off.

I am thankful for Shawn for being there with me as tired as he was and for my parents and Shawn's mom for watching Tate for us. But really I am so thankful for Kendyl and for the opportunity I have to be her mom. So Happy Birthday Kendyl and thank you for making this last year one I will never forget. Your dad and I love you so much, and can't wait to see what the next year holds!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Kendyl!

How did a year go by so fast...our little Kendyl is a sweet & ever so sassy girl, and I love every bit of her.