Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Kendyl!

2 years...Come & Gone
Kendyl turned 2 years...CRAZY! She is the cutest, sweetest, and sassiest little girl I have ever met and I love her to pieces. (just keep scrolling if you want to see pics), so here are a lot of new things that have happened in Kendyl's life and I am sure there are plenty more too...
She has 18 teeth, and loves to eat almost anything & everything with them
She loves animals & can recognize.
She LOVES being outside, sliding,swinging,riding her bike and riding her scooter which she does really well.
Talks up a storm and says tons of words...too many to name, and understands what we are telling her.
Likes you to sing songs.
Loves to go to little gym and play.
Goes to nursery and loves it, and so do mom and dad
She loves to color, play with mom's makeup brushes, and put on any jewerly she finds
Her favorite show, is Wee sing sillyville, Yo gaba gaba, Wiggles.
Loves to dance, especially with Tate.
Loves dress up and dress up shoes, also loves mommy's shoes.
She knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you NO or throw herself on the floor in a fit any 2 year old might have
Has the cutest way of saying Thank you.
She is super independent, listens (90% of the time), so sweet, loves to laugh and tickle, and puts a smile on our faces everyday. She is a bundle of energy and fun and I LOVE her to death. She keeps me on my toes, surprises me with what she learns everyday, makes me laugh, and makes me so proud and happy to be her mom. Love you Kendyl!
Kendyl's blessing day.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing at Grandma and Papa's

She has to wear her tap shoes pretty much all the time.

Tate and Kendyl love going to Grandma and Papa's house. Pretty much every morning Tate asks if they can go to Papa's house or have a sleep over. They sure do love there Grandma and Papa.


This girl loves to color. When ever she see's me with a pen in my hand she wants to color.

Really Bad Catch Up....

I have kind of dropped the ball on the blogging thing... It doesn't mean I don't read them... just that I lost my motivation in posting I don't know why its so hard. This is basically a sum up of what we have been up to the past couple months.. and there is plenty more to come! Happy Valentines!


Kendyl loves when her cousin Kirk comes to play, and so does Mommy.

Having fun with Daddy

Having fun with Aunt Heather


My cousin Erin is on tour out of New York with Wicked and she was here in January and my whole family was able to see her perform she did awesome she played Madame Morrible. Thanks Erin for the backstage tour.

Christmas Eve Dinner

x-mas with Shawn's side of the family